1000mm X 1000mm x 40mm

Mixed media Donovan Stanford original on stretched canvas.


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“Ashen” part the Frigid Warmth Collection – with my growing fascination with Turner-esque paintings of the English countryside in winter, the emergence of ashen unfolded gradually over the course of a month. While initially intending to continue refining and shaping this piece, a realization dawned on me—I found a certain allure in its current state, capturing a moment frozen in time.

The deliberate use of charcoals and payne’s greys and whites allowed me to craft a composition that resonates with the stark, cold essence of winter. The subtle interplay of shadows and highlights brings forth the melancholic beauty inherent in the desolation of a winter landscape. Each stroke serves as a deliberate expression, a visual symphony echoing the tranquility and harshness intertwined within the wintry scene.